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To respond to the call of the University to develop the Rural Area Practice in the Summer Vacation, students of the College went to Jingxi County, Baise, Guangxi to do “experiencing Zhuang ethnic culture and spreading love to the countryside” practice activity from July 18th to 23rd.




On July 19th, the team visitedt he Zhuang Original Museum, learned history, agriculture, custom, traditions, economic and culture of Zhuang Nationality.




On July 20th, the team came to Zhuang Brocade Factory, listened to introduction of history and development of the factory and got to know about how brocade was made. In the factory, they learned that it was difficult and boring to make brocade, however, workers of Zhuang Brocade Factory worked hard to make pieces of beautiful brocade, they devoted to let the handicraft be inherited and let the Zhuang culture be carried forward.




On July 22nd, the team came to Dizhou town, they were warmly received by principal of the local government and Kong Fantao, President of Dizhou Central Primary School and with the help of them and the local people,they donated ninety books to the children. Besides, they also made wonderful performance for the local people and won much applause.




“Experiencing Zhuang ethnic culture and spreading love to the countryside”, the team appreciated Zhuang culture and made contribution in the journey. Through the activity, the team got to know how valuable and how difficult it was to stick to traditional culture.

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