First training session for CPC membership applicants commences at the opening of The CPC branch school of Sino-British college

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October 30th,2017, the CPC branch school of Sino-British College was established. Liao Dongsheng, the general secretary of branch, the Dean of the College, was appointed as CPC branch school’s chancellor. Li Zhengyi, the Associate Dean of the College, was appointed as Deputy Vice-Chancellor of the school. He Caiyuan was appointed as the director of CPC branch school office. At the same time, the training courses for applicants commenced in Room 420 in the International Education Building. Liao Dongsheng, the Dean of the College, Li Zhengyi, the Associate Dean of the College, and He Caiyuan, presented at the opening ceremony. The establishment of the CPC branch school and the holding of the ceremony symbolizes our college’s CPC bulding has moved into a new journey.


At the opening ceremony, Liao Dongsheng, the Dean of the College, delivered his welcoming address and made a report about learning the spirit of the 19th National Congress of the CPC of China. He stated that an activist in the college should study the 19th National Congress’s report thoroughly and realize the new concept that were put forward in the 19th National congress’s report in depth. He also combined the reality to analyze the distinctive feature of Chinese characteristic socialism’s new era, parsed the socialist ideology with Chinese characteristic in this new era, elaborated by using some examples which showed that the major society contradiction has transformed into the contradiction between people growing needs of better life and inadequately unbalanced social development. He significantly mentioned how to propel the brief history of socialist modernization in stages,, from 2020 to 2035, it will be the most important era for most of students to develop their businesses, who ought to seize the opportunity to promote self-development in the basis of finishing the building of a moderately prosperous society, meanwhile, they ought to make contribution to achieve the basic socialist modernization.


After secretary Liao finished his report, Li Zhengyi, the Associate Dean of the College, concluded that every activist should feel honored and excited to become a probationary member of CPC, he hoped every activist can use the criteria of Party members to strict themselves, study the Regulation of the CPC on Disciplinary Measures in advance, participating the future study on time and strive for participating CPC in the near future.

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