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On January 7th, headed by the Associate Dean of the College Yu Lin, faculties and students, members of the Communist Party of China went to the Scientific Technology Building to study project work of Guangxi government investigating and treating sifeng and corruption problems through visiting pictures hang by Disciplinary Inspection Committee of GXUN.







It was showed in the pictures the aim, the content, the methods and procedures and the report ways of the project work. Through typical cases, rule-breaking or law breaking problems including problems of breaking Central Government’s eight items of regulation, illegal use of people’s livelihood fund, violation operations in infrastructure and various service trades, and poor implement of “two responsibilities”, were parsed.



Faculties and students studied hard the content of the pictures, and got enlightenment and warn from the study. They said that they would be strict with themselves, say no to sifeng, keep alert, and be integrity.



At the end of the study, Associate Dean Yu hoped all teachers and students, members of the Communist Party of China can learn from the cases, holding correct view of the world, life and value, getting up on the right side and being strict with themseleves.

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