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On September 20th, workshops of “To be moral, and to have good conduct” of the CPC branch of the College was held in Room 411 in International Education Complex Building, the Associated Dean Liu Zhixiong presided over the workshop and all teacher CPC members attended the workshop.



In the workshop, Associated Dean Liu Zhixiong made a lecture named “To be moral,to have good conduct and to do a qualified CPC teacher member”, all attendees had discussion on the contents of the lecture.



It was pointed out that “To be moral, and to have good conduct” was the basic requirement for a qualified CPC member, a reflection of observing Constitution of the Party and fulfilling CPC members’ moral obligations,a necessity of keeping to code of ethics, and a higher requirement for the CPC members’ conduct. As a CPC member, the teachers should be reasonable, be moral and be strict with themselves. They should consciously practice the “Four Haves” standard, be loyal to  CPC Party, work hard, devote to educational innovationpractice, improve their teaching quality and become directors of the students.

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