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李钟武,男,泰国国立发展管理学院国际学院教授、博士生导师,泰国证券分析研究员,任胜大贸易有限企业董事,1991年到泰国,并一直在泰国居住,可以使用中文,英文(或泰文)语言来引导中国或者其他国家的(或泰国)学生. 引导毕业博士生20个。在东盟管理与创新杂志(JAAI)上发表多篇论文,以及在泰国各投资刊物发表股票及证券相关的投资评论,一致受到泰国投资者的追捧。

Dr. Zhongwu Li, Ph.D.

Dr. Zhongwu Li (Ph. D in Finance, Assumption University in Thailand) is a Full-Time faculty member at National Institute of Development Administration of Thailand. He had worked for his own company since 1995 to 2017 in Thailand Retail Industry. After his graduation, he worked for Panyapiwat Institute of Management College (PIM), which under Charoen Pokhand Group, the largest conglomerate of Thailand. At same time, he also taught and have been teaching as a Part-Time lecturer for several Universities, such as Chinese Asean International College under Durakit Pundit University, International College of Rangsit University and University of the Thai Chamber of Commerce. His major interested academic field are Finance and Economics. Meanwhile, he works as a reviewer for the Journal “Social Science and Management” of PIM, and appointed as a Financial Analyst for the Beijing GuoXing Industrial Technology Research Institute.

The Subjects he usually to teach are: Macroeconomics, Microeconomics, Public Economics, Managerial Economics, Financial Management, Investment and Portfolio Management, Securities Analysis, Managerial Accounting, Derivatives, Operation Management, Financial Management for Entrepreneur, Corporation Finance, International Finance, as well as Research Methodology for both Ph. D degree and Master Degree students.

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