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From June 24th to June 28th, teacher Lu Yuying, Feng Shiyi joined the 14th caravan which was held by Union of Universities of Guangxi and hosted by Education Guide Magazine of Guangxi publication, and toured BaiSe Senior High School, LiuZhou Senior High School, HeChi Senior High School to make promotion of recuitment. We provide consultation service for local students and parents.


The teachers set up a booth, distributed relevant recruitment materials and answered questions about recruitment. This enrollment publicity activities publicized the outstanding discipline construction of our school and the training mode of Sino-foreign cooperative school running with the characteristics of our college to the vast number of candidates and their parents, thus enhancing their confidence in applying for the examination.


Recruitment publicity is an important part of recruitment work, and an important means to attract and find high quality students and continuously improve the quality of students. Our college will continue to improve the recruitment publicity work, optimize the enrollment structure, and improve the quality of our college enrollment.

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