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From June 18th to June 22nd, teacher Deng Minhui and Wu Xia participated in the tour of recruitment and went to the key high schools in LiuJiang, LuZhai, LiPu and ZhaoPing to make promotion of recruitment.


After arriving at the high school, the teacher put up the posters of the school and college on the booth, distributed the publicity materials and answered questions on the spot. The students and parents of local high school braved the scorching sun and came to participate in the consultation activities. Due to the distinctive features of the posters, a large number of parents and students came to learn about the project.


During the Q&A activities, the recruitment staffs actively introduced the environment, teaching management, employment and other conditions of the school and college, patiently and carefully answered the questions concerning the application of College Entrance Examination. Through the communication, many candidates and parents were satisfied with our school and expressed their willingness to apply for the Sino-British cooperative running project of our school.

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