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Safety inspection of student dormitory


In order to check potential safety risks in the dormitory and ensure the safety of students’ life and property, the college organized an inspection on the afternoon of May 14. This inspection mainly involves electricity safety, pet keeping and other safety risks.



  The counselor conducts electricity safety check on the dormitory


Electricity safety of dormitory has always been one of the concerns in school. And summer is the peak period of using electricity in the dormitory. The college carries out the policy of “Safety Priority, Advancing Safety” and conducts electricity safety investigation in the student dormitory. A safe and harmonious dormitory environment not only needs the teacher’s supervision, but also needs each student to work together.


During the inspection, some students were still being found in violation of relevant regulations like using electric rice cookers, electric  kettles and other high-power electrical appliances in the dormitory. This not only affects the construction of dormitory culture, but also brings potential danger to dormitory security which is likely to cause electricity leakage or wire overload, and then cause fire and other dangers.

图片包含 地板, 室内, 建筑物, 厨房描述已自动生成


A glimpse of student dormitory


The college leader and counselor overemphasized the safety of using electricity after the inspection. Hope the students can seriously abide the regulations and improve the awareness of electricity safety before the next inspection.

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