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Social Practice Activities of May 4th Youth Day at Care Service Center for the Aged


On May 11th, in order to carry forward the “May Fourth Movement” spirit and the Chinese traditional virtue to respect the aged, to cultivate the college students’ social practice ability and the social morality consciousness, more than 40 volunteers from Youth Corps Committee Organization of Sino-British College came to the Care Service Center for the Aged in XiXiangtang area to give a performance for the aged at 3 p.m.


The old people are watching the performance.


The performance is divided into two stages: chorus, and guitar & violin duet.


The young volunteers are singing a chorus.


In the chorus, the young volunteers expressed their care and love for the aged with high enthusiasm and clear voice. Their act has won high praise and warm applause from the audience. Through this chorus performance, it shows the energetic and positive spirit of the students. And it also cultivates their team spirit and cooperation spirit.


 Guitar and violin performance


Two young volunteers performed a duet of guitar and violin which fully show their talents and bring richer auditory experience to the audience. The performers showed the positive attitude of students and their enterprising spirit of making positive contributions to the society.


                                                   A moment of intimacy


        The audience was deeply attracted by the melody. They are also very enjoy the performance process.


Group photo


“Treating every elder should be like treating our own.” Through about an hour of getting along with the elders, the volunteers deeply understand the elders’ difficulties. They will respect and love for the aged in the future. “May 4th Youth Day” social practice activity was held successfully. The students have gained a lot in this meaningful social practice. On the one hand, they have taken on the social responsibility of the young generation, making them truly understand the sense of mission as a college student in thought and action. On the other hand, it enables students to go deep into the society, feels the warmth of the elder people, and shows their love and care for the lonely spiritual world in their old age. Hope the students can keep full of passion in the future and make greater contributions to the society and the country.

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