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Dr. Barbara from University of Staffordshire gave a lecture in college


In order to make student have an in-depth understanding of the general situation of the partner institutions and overseas study policy, on the afternoon of March 28th, Sino-British College invited Dr. Barbara Emadi-Coffin, director of the academic cooperation department of the University of Staffordshire, UK, to deliver a lecture on British culture and overseas study policy in room 420.



Dr. Barbara introduced the content of the presentation


First of all, Dr. Barbara introduced the idea of running a school and history and culture of the University of Staffordshire in detail based on the British culture. As a renowned comprehensive university with a history of more than 100 years, the university now has more than 5,000 international students from over 70 countries and regions. University of Staffordshire is famous for its top technology and rigorous teaching. Psychology major ranked among the top 10 subjects in the UK, while the disciplines of chemistry and biological sciences, computer science, MBA and the other disciplines were rated as “excellent” by the Quality Assurance Agency for higher education in Britain.



The view is great - a glimpse of university campus


Dr. Barbara said recently the ranking of University of Staffordshire is rising in the British university and it consistently scored high marks in student satisfaction in the national student surveys. Staffordshire University has a large modern library, a well-equipped sports center, an advanced social and leisure center and one of the few large cinemas on campus in the UK.



Explain the study abroad policy



In order to deepen the understanding of studying abroad, Dr. Barbara introduced the application system and national policies of foreign universities. Let the students have a comprehensive understanding of the political, economic, cultural background, educational system and academic level of the countries they intend to study in.

Finally, Dr. Barbara answered the questions raised by the students and she encouraged them to go abroad for further study, broaden their horizon and gain more knowledge.

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