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The first Spring Hiking Activity was held by the college


This is a season of spring and the recovery of all things. Our school organized the female faculty to carry out the first hiking activity on the morning of March 9th. This activity gives our faculty a chance to walk out of the office, walk out of the classroom, go close to nature and enjoy the happiness of walking.




Although there’s just a few people joining this activity, but the faculties are full of energy. The group starts from the east gate of the university, along the Xiangsihu West Road to Xiangsihu Park. Then they walk around the lake with laughs along the way. It promotes the communication between the faculties and achieve the goal of this activity.


One of the faculties, Denim Liu said that this spring hiking activity is held by the college for the first time which provides a rare opportunity for the faculty to relax. Through this activity, the relationship between colleagues is more harmonious and mutual understanding is promoted. Hopefully there will be more such opportunities in the future. After the event, faculties who join this activity believe that they will actively engage in work with high spirit and full enthusiasm, so as to achieve the combination of work and leisure.

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