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The Symposium on “Healthy Concept, Healthy Life” 


On the afternoon of March 12th, our school invited professor Wu Guangjin, dean of School of Physical Education and Health Science to hold a special presentation on "healthy concept, healthy life" in room 401 of XueYou building. The lecture was presided over by Liao Dongsheng, the party committee secretary and dean of Sino-British College. All the teachers and students were present to listen to the lecture.



Professor Wu Guangjin is giving a lecture


Professor Wu Guangjin’s report was divided into three parts. Firstly he gave a brief overview of the relationship between sports and health which express the central idea of "Life relies on the motion". It’s sport that promotes the healthy development of human body and built a strong body.



Teachers and students are listening to the class


Secondly, he let all teachers and students used hand to do exercise together which can boost circulation. All the people were deeply attracted by this special movement. It also provides a scientific and healthy way to keep fit in the future.



The more exercise you do, the more happiness you will get


Thirdly, we should encourage people to do more exercise after work or study, and to keep fit from now on. As the saying goes, "The body is the capital of revolution." Only by doing proper exercises every day can college students have a strong body which provides a good physical basis for realizing their life aspirations.



  Let's do exercise together


The symposium on "Healthy Concept, Healthy Life" was held successfully with student’s active cooperation. We believe that you will regard physical exercise as one of your important lifestyles and the most effective investment after this special "lesson"!

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