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Teachers of college went to Shanghai to join the China Education Expo 2018


The China Education Expo 2018 was held in Shanghai from Oct 27th to 28th. The teachers of the college, Huang Fei and Wu Xia had been sent to attend this expo.


This expo hosted by the China Education Association for International Exchange. The exhibition organized more than 600 overseas colleges and universities to come to China. During the exhibition, many educational institutions as well as various well-known colleges and universities in overseas countries also organized a number of special lectures about visa requirements, quality certification system and quality international courses on site for studying abroad.


Through joining this exhibition, our teachers get detailed and practical information about studying abroad such as some regulations and application skills. It’s good for the standardization and perfection of our college though realizing the management of classroom teaching and enrollment status in foreign countries. This will not only help our college students to apply for further study in the future, but also have real and active interaction with the representatives of colleges and universities.

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