Sino-British College Welcomes Freshmen of 2018 Intake

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On September 8th, 2018, the registration day for new students, Sino-British College received freshman of 2018 intake. Volunteers from the Communist Youth League Committee and the Student Union of Sino-British College helped freshman in their registration to ensure the smooth running of the process.

Freshmen went through the registration procedure

Firstly, new students arrived at the International Education Complex to register with the help of volunteers. Then volunteers helped them to carry luggage and led them to their dormitories. On the way to the dormitories, freshmen were curious about everything in the University and asked many questions, and senior students replied everything they know patiently.

Volunteers led the way for new students and their parents

Professor. Liao and Mr.Ye inspected freshmen’s dormitories

With the concerted efforts of teachers, staff and volunteers, the registration day went smoothly. Sino-British College wishes every new student will work hard and enjoy the meaningful campus life.

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