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In the afternoon of October 17th, the third “Talk to the Dean” was held in Room 420 in International Education Complex Building, Secretary General & Dean of the College Liao Dongsheng came to listen to opinions and advice of student representatives of Grade 2016 in campus life and answered questions raised by students. Director of Office Wang Yiwei, and student counselor Fang Jiaojiao participated in the talk.


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Student representative said that there were few activities to take and they had to get approval to participate in 2016 School Meeting. Dean Liao Dongsheng said that the first 14 weeks was week of teaching on English side in which classes was full and indeed students had few chances to take part in activities. Right now, the College was looking for ways to let students to have more chances to take part in activities at the end of the English teaching week.



Due to the specificity of the Programme GXUN-Staffordshire University Sino-British Collaborative Education, the students needed to visit the foreign website to consult materials. Student representative said it was inconvenient for them to consult study materials due to the slow network, they hoped the College can help to solve the problem. Dean Liao Dongsheng explained the reason for the slow network and advised students not to visit the foreign website at rush hours, go to E-reading room to consult study materials and read more original foreign books.



As for the problem of supply of hot water of dormitory and classroom equipment, Dean Liao asked staffs to record the problems and communicate with relevant departments to solve the problems.

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