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In the afternoon of October 10th, the second “Talk to the Dean” was held in Room 420 in International Education Complex Building, Secretary General & Dean of the College Liao Dongsheng came to listen to opinions and advice of student representatives of Grade 2014 & 2015 in class teaching and teaching management and answered questions raised by students. Associate Dean Li Zhenyi, Director of Office Wang Yiwei, and student counselor He Caiyuan participated in the talk.


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As for starting the spring semester ahead of schedule of the University, one student asked if it was ok to only set that for level 6 students not for other levels. Dean Liao Dongsheng said that the reason why starting the spring semester ahead of schedule was to make level 6 students be able to graduate as early as possible, and to reduce the impact on studying abroad and employment. Meanwhile, the foreign teachers needed to give lessons and correct examination paper for each level students at the same time. Besides, SU needed to take Board Meeting to confirm the grades of students of each level at the same time. Therefore, classes of four levels should be kept in the same schedule.



As for the requirement of taking books back to the dormitory, another student said that it was inconvenient for them to carry so heavy books, if it was possible to leave them in the classrooms. Dean Liao Dongsheng explained that for the lecture on the English side, it was not enough for students to read PPT only, students should read books after class to consolidate what they learnt in classes. The College also wanted students to develop the habit of consolidating what had been learnt after classes.



The “talk” also discussed the obtainment of former graduates’ degree on Chinese and English side, problems of grades in the academic system, class timetable arrangement on English side, and teaching arrangement during the holidays. Dean Liao Dongsheng answered every question.


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