ky棋牌娱乐官网联合民社学院、教育科学学院共同参加“喜迎党的十九大 感恩伟大的祖国”主题歌咏汇演

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为迎接党的十九大的到来,9月28日下午,学校在灯光球场举办了“喜迎党的十九大 感恩伟大的祖国”主题歌咏汇演。ky棋牌娱乐官网作为参赛学院之一参加了本次汇演。

In the afternoon of September 28th, the joint performance of “greeting the coming of the 19th National People Congress and expressing great gratitude to the motherland” successfully ended in Lighting Stadium of the University. As one of the contestants, the College participated in this performance.

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In the contest, the College collaborating with College of the Ethnology and Sociology and School of Education Science, sang a song called “Co-build the Chinese dream”. With passionate melody and unchained singing, the performers expressed their wish and love to great motherland-China, and firm confidence in harmonious societyand desire for the beautiful life.

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