ky棋牌娱乐官网组织学生参观“喜迎 ‘十九大’暨中国人民解放军建军90周年老年书画及专题图片展”

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On September 26th, leaded by He Caiyuan, the student counselor, students of Grade 2016 went to Entertainment Center for Aged People of the University to visit painting and photo exhibition which was held to commemorate the 19th National Congress convoked & the 90th Anniversary of the founding of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army.


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Teacher He said that 2017 was the vital year of the13th five-year plan & the 90th anniversary of the founding of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army, and the visit of the painting and photo exhibition motivated students’ love for the Party and our army.Students said that by visiting the painting and photo exhibition, they not only learned the history of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army,but also realized that the happy life they were enjoying was the forefather sacrificed their precious lives to exchange. These photos reminded them that the existence of the current happiness was due to the struggles of the predecessors.They should be willing to make efforts and endure hardship to achieve their own value, and strive for the accomplishment of the dream of revitalizing the nation.

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