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In August of 2017, leading by counselor He Caiyuan, five students of class one of Grade 2015 went to Zhongshan Village, Nalou County, Yongning District of Nanning to do survey of ideology of reduction of poverty of mountainous area.



Before the survey, students had interviewed leaders of the village committee to get information of the development of economy and the promotion of poverty reduction. Secretary of CPC Party of the village Lai Youpei provided files of the villagers and students had a careful reading in and made a record of them.



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During the survey, students visited the poverty family and interviewed them. It was discovered that the poverty family lived in inadequate, bad and insecure housing, and had low income which mainly came from sericulture. In the interview, the villagers revealed the expectation that the government’s policies of transformation of the dilapidated house can improve their housing condition.



Students had a better understanding of the problems of the poverty of the mountainous area after the survey. They hoped that their report can arouse more and morepeople’s concern about the poverty problems and provide solution to solve the problems.

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