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In the afternoon of July 11th, principals of ZTE Corporation came to the College to talk about construction of system of video,recording and broadcasting. Zhao Yan, Dean of Network and Information Center of the University, and Qiu Wu, the Associate Dean, Liao Dongsheng, Dean of the College, and Associate Dean Li Zhenyi and Liu Zhixiong attended the meeting.



In the talk, principals of ZTE Corporation introduced the design scheme of the system. In accordance with the design scheme,video conference room, recording classroom and recording and monitoring room would be equipped with the system. The system would have the function of high-definition interactive conference video from GXUN to SU and from SU to GXUN and live broadcast of video class and courseware. The system,which was characterized by “ease of use”, “agility” and “whenever and wherever possible”,would integrate teaching resource, and support the function of sharing and releasing and trick-play.



It was also proposed to make the system in both Chinese and English in the talk.

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