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On the morning of July 11th, meeting on study tour of 2017 summer vocation was held in Room 411 in International Educational Complex Building which interpreted the meaning and the objective of the tour and what should be concerned during the tour. Dean of the College Liao Dongsheng, Associate Dean Li Zhenyi and Liu Zhixiong, Associate Dean of Department of International Exchange Zhang Xinlei, teachers and students who participated in the tour attended the meeting.



Teacher Zhou Shuhan introduced the agenda and members of the tour. Students would stay in Malaysia for two weeks which would involve communication with students of Tunku Abdul Rahman University, experience of English teaching mode, survey of development of economic, culture and education of Kuala Lumpur and Penang. There were 32 students coming from class of 2013 to 2016 participating in the tour.



Associate Dean of Department of International Exchange Zhang Xinlei proposed six pieces of advice from the perspective of foreign affairs. First, students should behave in good manners, for they represent the image of the nation and the school. Second, be careful and watch out for illegal leaflet and pick-up and handle properly. Third, do not take independent action. Fourth, group leaders must keep in touch and communication with teachers and team members. Fifth, if there was some emergency, do not be alarmed, communicate with teachers immediately and seek help from embassy and consulate. Sixth, start international roaming mobile service.



Dean of the College Liao Dongsheng stressed that students should be in good manners, be united, take general situation as heavy and hoped that they have a good journey.



Associate Dean Liu Zhixiong hoped that students can make some consultation of the local custom and culture, and on the base of personal security, try to use English to communicate and improve the oral English; meanwhile, try to learn something from the tour and collect literal data, pictures and videos for the report of the tour.



Associate Dean Li Zhenyi made supplemental remarks for the security and logistics. First, obey orders in all actions. Second, be in good manners. Third, do not take and check much luggage and prepare some necessities of life. Fourth, do not always play mobile phone.



How to deal with students’ dispute was also discussed in the meeting.

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