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On June 16th, thesis defense of graduates of class of 2017 of the College was held in Room 617 and 618 in International Educational Complex Building. Dean of the College Liao Dongsheng, Associate Dean Li Zhenyi and Liu Zhixiong, teacher Li Xiaoyi and He Xiaolan from College of Business attended the defense.


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There were four parts of the defense: thesis statement,teachers' questioning, students’ defense and teacher evaluation. Dean Liao Dongsheng made proposals that students should pay attention to thesis format, type, topic, framework and made corrections to improve the quality of the thesis.



With the title of “research on production costs of jasmine flower industry in Guangxi”, Zeng Jiawei, student from Class one of Grade 2013, analyzed development of jasmine flower industry in Guangxi and proposed his opinions on production costs of jasmine flower industry.



Teachers made evaluations on students’ thesis and put forward their suggestion on the correction of the thesis.



“Thesis defense is to check how we have learned, and from the questions and evaluations that were raised by teachers, we know what are needed to be improved” students said.


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