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On July 14th, ceremony of signing cooperative agreement between the College and Ruihua Certified Public Accountants (Guangxi) was held in Guangxi Investment Center which was located in No.109 Minzu Road. From year 2015, third year students would go to Ruihua Certified Public Accountants to do internship. The Executive Dean of the College Liao Dongsheng, Director of Ruihua Certified Public Accountants Guo Yihao attended the ceremony.







Director Guo Yihao made an introduction of Ruihua Certified Public Accountants. Founded in April of 2013, Ruihua Certified Public Accountants had become a specialized,scaled and internationalized accounting firm. It was the first Accountants that was authorized A+ H quality, and the first accountants that had finished special-general partnership transfer. As a registryof PCAOB of the United States, it had several branches in Guangxi, and business of the firm covered stock issuance & floatation of shares, company reformation, corporate restructure, capital operation, financial advisory, management consultancy and tax consultation etc.



Executive Dean Liao Dongsheng said that the cooperation would promote the educational revolution, enhance students’ practice training, improve teaching quality, and provide more employment chances for graduates.

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