美国Michael Reed教授谈自由贸易协定与未来展望

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5月24日下午,美国肯塔基大学农经系Michael Reed教授在商学院119会议室开展题为“自由贸易协定与未来展望”讲座。讲座由ky棋牌娱乐官网院长廖东声教授主持,ky棋牌娱乐官网和商学院部分教师到场聆听。

On May 24th, Michael Reed, a professor from University of Kentucky came to do a presentation about Free Trade Agreement and their Future Prospects in Room 119 in College of Business . Liao Dongsheng, Dean of the College presided over the presentation and teachers from the College and College of Business attended the presentation.


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Michael Reed教授从特惠贸易协定的形成展开,先容北美自由贸易协定NAFTA及环境附属协议、关税及贸易总协议GATT等一系列重要协议,讲述了特惠贸易协定与自由贸易区FTA及世界贸易组织WTO的关系、美国与加拿大、墨西哥的农业贸易概述等内容。Michael Reed教授指出,随着世界贸易组织的建立及世界多边贸易的不断拓展,新的特惠贸易协定开始趋向于围绕服务贸易和相关贸易常识产权的控制管理上。同时,美国与欧盟未来签署的新协议也将涉及投资保护、竞争政策、劳工标准和环境保护等方面。Michael Reed教授还就英国脱欧对国际贸易的影响进行了分析。

Michael Reed started from the forms of preferential trade agreements, and introduced the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) and its environment side agreement, General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT) and a series of important agreements. He presented the relation of preferential trade agreements (PTA) with the free trade areas (FTA) and the World Trade Organization, and the general situation of US agricultural trade with Canada and Mexico. Michael Reed also suggested that since the creation of WTO and the extension of multilateral trade agreements, new PTAs tend to cover trade in services and trade-related aspects of intellectual property rights, which revolve chiefly around regulatory issues. Besides, the new preferential agreements signed by the US and European Union go even further by including investment protection, competition policy, labour standards and protection of the environment. At last, Michael Reed analysed that impact of Brexit on international trade.


讲座结束,Michael Reed教授与到场的教师们就美国与中国农业经济的比较等话题展开交流。

After the presentation, Michael Reed communicated with teachers and discussed the subject of comparison between American and Chinese agriculture economics.

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