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On March 18th, competition of calligraphy and painting named “Lei Feng spirit, elegance of pen and ink” was held in Fifth Slope square which was organized by the College.






There were more than 300 pieces of calligraphies,paintings,postesr and handcrafts showing in the competition which were provided by the College, College of Business, School of Politics and Public Administration, School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, College of Marine and Biotechnologies, College of Information Science and Engineering. Singing and dancing performance, show of paintings awarded and calligraphy creation, marking of entries were involved in the competition.



Liu Zhixiong, Associate Dean of the College, delivered a speech for the opening ceremony. He hoped that more and more students can understand the connotation of Lei Feng spirit after reading the works which were showed in the competition. Teacher Li Suzhen, Liu Shuzi, Man Jiakui, Chen Shaoqiong showed and interpreted their paintings. Teacher Wu Yongbei, Su Mengxiong, Li Jianqiong, Wu Zhaoming, Tang Jiazhang made calligraphy. Their performance drew many spectators’ attention.



Liao Dongsheng, Dean of the College, Liu Zhixiong, Associate Dean, Liang Shufang, Secretary General of the next generation working committee, teachers Wang Wenjie, He Qiongfeng, Li Zhenrong, Wu Zhaoming, were the guests and judges of the competition.



Leaders of the College attached great importance to the competition and made elaborate arrangement for it. Members of Youth League and Students’ Union seriously organized the competition, collected works of calligraphy and painting, and decorated the venue. They did what they can to make the competition successful. In the competition, teachers and students of the College worked together to make everything coordinated. Through the competition, the students had better understanding of Lei Feng spirit. It not only enriched students’ campus life but also interpreted the spirit of Lei Feng, and also interpreted the connotation of Lei Feng spirit and promoted the Chinese traditional culture.

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