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4月8日,ky棋牌娱乐官网副院长李振艺赴广州参加国家教育部留学服务中心2017(第二十二届)中国国际教育巡回展之中外院校项目合作洽谈会。此次项目合作洽谈会由国家教育部留学服务中心与广东省教育厅联合主办。来自全国50多位中外合作办学机构、项目负责人代表及来自美国的The University of Missouri、The University of South Alabama和英国的The University of Northampton、The University of Birmingham City及加拿大、葡萄牙、比利时等国家20所高校代表参加了本届项目合作洽谈会,国家教育部留学服务中心副主任车伟民出席并讲话。

On April 8th, Associate Dean of the College Li Zhenyi went to Guangzhou to participate in On-Site Education B2B which was organized by Chinese Service Center for Scholarly Exchange and Guangdong Education Department. More than 50 principals from China Sino-foreign collaborative institutions and programmes and foreign universities like The University of Missouri and The University of South Alabama of America, The University of Northampton and The University of Birmingham City of UK and other universities from Canada, Portugal, and Belgium attended the meeting and Che Weimin, Deputy Dean of the Chinese Service Center for Scholarly Exchange, made a speech for the meeting.


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