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On March 17th, representatives from Guangxi University of Finance and Economics leading by Chi Zhaomei, Dean of College of International Education, visited to the College to communicate experience of Sino-foreign collaborative education. Dean of the College Liao Dongsheng and Associate Dean Liu Zhixiong received the visitors in Room 411 in International Complex Education Building.




The Dean Liao Dongsheng welcomed the visitors. Both of the two sides communicated how to prepare well for the evaluation of Sino-foreign collaborative education from Ministry of Education and how to resolve problems caused in running the programme. He said that the Sino-foreign collaborative education programme cannot pass the evaluation without the support from relevant departments like Academic Affairs Division, Recruitment and Employment Department, Finance Department, and International Exchange Department of the University which would offer very professional advice and help for the evaluation. “Meanwhile, timeline should be noticed and the four ‘one third’ and investigation from students’, teachers’ and the society’s satisfaction should be valued,” he added.



Equipment of foreign teaching staffs, teaching mode of foreign teachers, financial set and establishment of Sino-foreign Collaborative Education Column were also discussed.

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