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On March 20th, meeting was held in Meeting Room of Office Building of the University to talk about issues of improving annual report of Sino-British collaborative education programme. Li Zhengang, Vice President of the University, presided over the meeting, and principals of relevant departments attended the meeting.


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Vice President Li Zhengang listened carefully to what the Dean of the College Liaoo Dongsheng reported about the preparation of annual report of Sino-British collaborative education programme. He said yes to what the College had done for the preparation of annual report and hoped relevant departments of the University can offer some advice and suggestion to make the report become more perfect and standard.



Principals of Recruitment and Employment Department, Academic Affairs Division, Finance Department, and International Exchange Department also gave their opinions on the improvement of the report.



Vice President Li Zhengang made a conclusion for the meeting. He suggested that the content of the report should stick closely to the elements of the undergraduate teaching evaluation system; the direction,orientation, and objective of running Sino-foreign cooperative education in the report should not only meet the standards of national talents cultivation but also reflect the features of Sino-foreign cooperative education; the contents in the report should keep consistent; students political education, management of the foreign teachers’ ideology and self-evaluation of effect of running the programme should be improved.

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