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On March 16th, competition for cadres of the College was held in Room 411 in International Education Complex Building. Secretary and Dean of the College Liao Dongsheng, Associate Dean Li Zhenyi and Liu Zhixiong, the Programme Dicrector Katherine took charge of the assessment and all faculties made democratic appraisal of the competitors.


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There were three parts of the competition, namely election speech, question & answer and democratic appraisal. From working experience, current achievements, competitive strength and working plan, the competitors talked about themselves and showed how they can do well in the position. Their rich self-introduction,conciseconclusion of achievements, comprehensive recognition of working position, calm thinking, and fluent expression showed good character and quick response.



“The competition for cadre offers personal promotion for the faculties”, said the Dean. He hoped that faculties can “think much, speak little, and do more” and learn from other faculties’ good work experience through the competition.

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