马来西亚教育专家Sia 博士来ky棋牌娱乐官网做讲座

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From March 10th to March 11th, Doctor Sia, an educator from Malaysia came to the College to do workshop on self-motivation, employment skills and EPIC teaching skills. The Programme Director Katherine presided over the lectures, and more than 100 teachers and students attended the workshop.


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讲座先容了四个方面的内容,一是自我激励技巧;二是毕业生求职技能;三是学习天赋;四是EPIC教学技巧。Sia博士指出自我激励的核心是从心出发了解自身的动力,讲述了如何通过自我激励取得成功,并分享了自己改变自我认识,从一个平凡学生成长为博士生的经历和故事。Sia博士认为本科生应注重培养求职技能。同学们可以通过学习Arthur Chickering身份成长理论培养自身全球化意识、合作精神、企业家精神以及沟通能力、适应能力、分析能力、处理人际关系能力、谈判能力、创造力。在讲座中,Sia博士教授同学们如何根据自身的学习天赋探索适合自身的学习技能,帮助同学们发散思维并使用不同的方法和技提高阅读,理解,识记能力。

The workshop covered self-motivational tips, graduates’ employment skills, learning with natural abilities and teaching students with EPIC. “The key message on motivation was about understanding that motivation derives from the spirit (why we are doing what we are doing--the purpose)” said Doctor Sia. Inspiring students to find their motivation for success in life, Dr Sia also shared her personal stories and events on how she had to change her perception, to get from an average student to a doctorate student. The workshop touches on the much-needed skills employers look for in employees, and how undergraduates can optimize their experience to build these skills. The skills needed for employability include communication, analytical, creativity, attention to details adaptability, tenacity, collaboration, entrepreneurism, diplomacy, negotiation skills. The workshop then helps students to identify their natural or preference in learning whether they are Visual, Auditory, or Kinesthetic learners and how each preference applies to their reading, understanding and retaining.



Using EPIC which stands for Experiential-Participatory-Image-Driven -Connectedness, Dr. Sia expounds on each concept and approach. Key words to the teaching pedagogy are openness, creativity, innovative, real-life application, and connectedness. She emphasized the needs of current students to want to be connected with the subject matter and the lecturer.

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