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Recently,all students of the College studied the spirit of the Conference of Ideological and Political Work of National Higher Education (which was held in Beijing from December 7th to December 8thand General Secretary Xi Jinping made important Speech in the Conference) and shared their opinions of study.





The students said that they would follow what was required for university students in the speech, put personal ideal and pursue into the National courese and make great effort to be a qualified constructor and successor of the course of Socialism with Chinese characteristics.



Huang Ping, a student from class three of Grade 2014, said that she would keep what General Secretary Xi Jinping taught in mind, shoulder what responsibilities she was endowed with by the times and the history, take realization of revival of nationhood and the Chinese Dream as her responsibility and carry it out in the practical action.



Zhou Sichen, a student of class one of Grade 2015, said that she would build up correct worldview, outlook on life, and value, and make herself be a useful person for the Nation.



HouTangye, a student from class one of Grade 2016, said that he got to know if one wanted to become a useful person,he should have a solid scientific ideology which was tightly related to the destiny and the development of the Nation.

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