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On December 19th, all Chinese faculties of the College gathered in Room411 in International Education Complex Building studying the spirit of the Conference of Ideological and Political Work of National Higher Education which was held in Beijing from December 7th to December 8th, and General Secretary Xi Jinping made important Speech in the Conference. Liao Dongsheng, Dean of the College, led all Chinese faculties to study the speech.





Professor Liao interpreted the importance of the conference, what key points were involved and how to implement the spirit of the conference. He said that ideological and political education of universities and colleges concerned we teachers should cultivate what kinds of people, how to cultivate and for whom they were cultivated. He proposed that we teachers must take establishment and cultivation of high moral values as the fundamental task of education, making students develop in an all-around way.



After the meeting, attendees shared with each other what they learned from the conference and the speech, saying that they should know how to be a teacher. A basic requirement for a teacher was that they should keep the faith of Communism and Socialism with Chinese characteristics. They should care about students’development, guide students to know what responsibilities they were endowed with by the times and the history. Teachers should keep moral education as the first principle, and cultivate students into a qualified constructor and successor of the course of Socialism with Chinese characteristics.

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