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11月29日,ky棋牌娱乐官网在国教楼411会议室召开反腐倡廉教育专题报告会,学院院长廖东声作《强化师德师风 坚持清廉从教》报告,全体教职工参加学习。

On November 29th, seminar of anti-corruption education was held in Room 411 in International Education Complex Building by the College. Liao Dongsheng, Dean of the College gave a lecture named “Reinforcement of Teachers’ Ethics and Manners and Keeping Teaching Honestly” and all faculties attended the lecture.







It was pointed out in the seminar that all teachers should take education career as important and place student first, keep teaching honestly, resist bribery consciously, and not to do anything that was inconsistent with the code of professional ethics of teachers.



The teachers who were CPC Party members should set a good example and consciously observe Constitution of the Party and Discipline of the Party, do not forget their initial determination and keep moving, lead to practice the Core Values of Chinese Socialism, and be educated, moral, honest and respectable.



Requirements were made for the leaders of the College who were CPC Party members in the seminar. They should take self-cultivation as the first criterion of teaching honestly, take prudence in the exercise of power as the important evaluation of teaching honestly and take self-discipline as the conscious action of teaching honestly.

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