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Recently the 34th Xiangsi Lake Forum which was hosted by Committee of Concerning about the Younger Generation of the University and organized by Committee of Concerning about the Younger Generation of the College was opened in Room 105 in Xueyou Building. Wang Erbo, professor of College of Literature, gave a lecture on “humanism and poetry”,linking review of poetry with outlook on life. All faculties and part of students of the College attended the lecture.





Professor Wang began his lecture by cutting in “epochal syndrome”, saying that the reason why the “epochal syndrome” was rampant seemed to be madness of ideology, worship of instrumental rationality and inflation of consumerism, but actually it was caused by loss of humanism.He then called for concerning about people’s inner life, non-practical value meaning, intuitional experience, intelligence, and personal features.



Human was body of the nature. Culture should be personalized. History was “the generation of man”. Aesthetic appreciation was “man’s perceptual certification”. And how did live up to “people-oriented” in socialist cause? In professor Wang’s opinion, people should reread humanity classics, rebuild humanist consciousness,and chew again the cream of traditional culture. Poetry was the best humanity classics. It was essence of language, revival of soul and explicit of truth.



How to appreciate poetry? Professor Wang shared his view: poetry was beautiful because of its sound--a good poet would have a unique design in language;poetry was beautiful because of its emotion--a good poet would give expression to emotional tension; poetry was beautiful because of its implicit--a good poet would contain multiple implications that was not easy to interpret; poetry was beautiful because of its unique characteristic-- a good poet would unearth unique feelings and deep thought with technique of “estrangement”.

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