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On November 28th, meeting to summarize undergraduates’ employment work of 2016 and to discuss how to improve teachers’ vocational guidance was held in Room 411 in International Education Complex Building which was presided over by Li Zhenyi, the Associated Dean of the College, and all faculty staffs attended the meeting.







It reported how the whole undergraduates’ employment work of 2016 was going on, including the achievements, characteristics and innovation and problems, appreciated what had be done in 2016, analyzed what still should be and can be improved and then proposed advice and suggestion on how to improve vocational guidance of the teachers to strengthen students’ employability, and to increase use of educational resources, make effective use of on-line employment and strengthen cooperation between school and enterprises.



Vocational guidance and service was vital to the improvement of the quality of undergraduates’employment. It discussed issues of how to improve vocational guidance and service, proposing that it was necessary to establish a professional “graduates’employment work” team which know policies of employment and can resolve the problems in students’ job hunting. It claimed that all faculties should be concerned about graduates’ employment, and try their best to offer help for the graduates. It also stated that teachers should emancipate mind and extend employment channels and increase the number of graduates who would go abroad for further studies and self-employment. They should think and study on how to reinforce graduates employment tracking survey and make better and better service in graduates’ employment.

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