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From November 18th to November 21st, classes of different levels of the College did learning of dormitory fire control safety and teachers went to student dormitories to take an inspection of fire control safety and problems which were found in the inspection were improved.







From November 18th to November 20th, classes of different levels of the College had meetings of dormitory fire-safety. Based on the case study of campus fire by pictures and videos, analyzing the causes and damage, it intended to raise students’awareness of the importance of fire control safety. Learning regulations of fire control safety of the University, how to use electricity safely and how to save oneself in the fire disaster were also parts of the meeting.



On November 21st, Li zhenyi, the Associated Dean of the College and student counselor Fang Jiaojiao and He Caiyuan, companied by student cadres, went to student dormitories to do inspection of fire control safety. They went into each room, checked whether there was any insecurity of the electricity use,whether there were any flammable, explosive and poisonous articles, restricted knives or things, if there were someone smoking or littering or tossing cigarette butts in the dormitories. They focused on whether there was fire-fighting equipment and access around the dormitories. They told students to switch off the appliance and shut down electrical power when leaving rooms, not to privately connect electrical wires and not to use high-power electrical appliances without school permission.

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