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From October 20th to 22nd, teachers of the College leaded by Liao Dongsheng, the Executive Dean, went to Beijing to attend the 17th China Annual Conference for International Education which was hosted by China Education Association for International Exchange. Topic of the Conference was integration and innovation: quality and substantial development of International education. There were three sections: China International Forumon Education, China Education Expo and Discussion Meeting of International Collaborative Programme of Chinese Universities.





Xutao, Director of Department of International Cooperation and Exchanges of Ministry of Education of China made a speech for the conference. He made brief introduction of new development, new trend and new policies of China international cooperation and exchanges. He thought that all-directional, multi-layered and wide-ranging opening pattern has formed and stated that Sino-foreign collaborative education shoulder the responsibility of educational revolution and innovation, which meant that advanced educational ideology, cultivation mode and teaching methods should be absorbed and learned from world class universities, making their exemplary function played and promoting educational revolution and innovation.


爱尔兰都柏林大学校长Andrew Deeks、美国新英格兰院校协会主席Cameron Staples、同济大学副校长江波等400余位中外嘉宾到会并共同探讨中外合作办学的内涵发展。

There were more than 400 principals both at home and abroad attending the conference such as Andrew Deeks, president of University, Cameron Staples, chairman of New England Association of Schools & Colleges, and Dubo, vice president of Tongji University to talk about substantial development of Sino-foreign collaborative education.

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