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On October 25th, Wang Jun, Dean of Beijing Guoshou law firm and part-time professor of College of Business, made a lecture named“Research of double-entry bookkeeping” to talk about how double-entry bookkeeping developed. The Executive Dean of the College Liao Dongsheng presided over the lecture and more than one hundred students attended the lecture.





“The significance of the double-entry bookkeeping was as important as Galileo’s and Newton’s discovery”, professor Wang Jun said, and from personal account, object account, profit and loss account, expense account, capital account to accounting item, Wang told how thedouble-entry bookkeeping originated, interpreted why the double-entry bookkeeping can develop, and made analysis on both advantages and disadvantages of accountings during different periods. Professor Wang stated that the account was an important carrier of accounting method, and accounting items were the items that had been integrated and standardized which can be classified into capital item, debt item,owner's equity item, income item, cost item, expense item and loss item.



Professor Wang shared how he learned Accounting, encouraging students to work hard and get Accounting learnt well.

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