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From June 27th to 28th, leading by the Associate Dean of the College Yu Lin, the second recruitment propaganda team of the College went to Liuzhou and Guilin city to make recruitment propaganda in high schools, having face-to-face communication with the candidates and their parents, and receiving their counseling.







The team set up booth, put up posters, sent recruitment materials, and made Q&A. They made introduction of characteristics of the university, such as wide range of choices in specialized majors, strong comprehensive capacity,large school-running scale, beautiful campus, and good academic atmosphere etc.and general situation of the College, such as talents cultivation mode,subjects setting, faculties force, teaching resources, teaching quality assurance and control, and teaching characteristics, etc. and also campus life was described, attracting many students and parents to consult. During Q&A, the team enthusiastically and patiently answered what students and parents asked, such as that of the parallel application approach in college entrance examination and admission scores, etc. and instructed them to take scores of university entrance examination, interests, and employment prospect into consideration when applying for universities and make choices scientific and reasonable. Many students and parents agreed with the ideology of education and student service of the university, and expressed their will to apply to Sino-foreign collaborative education programme.



The recruitment propaganda showed rich cultural heritage, outstanding discipline construction, good study environment, and colorful campus life of the university, attracting more students to concern about the university, get to know it and apply for it.

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