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To promote educational reform, academic practical training, and cooperation between school and enterprise and improve students’ practical skills, on June 24th, the Executive Dean of the College Liao Dongsheng and teacher Ye Tianru visited Zhong Yi Accounting Firm (Guangxi) and talked to co-operate practical education base.







The Executive Dean Liao Dongsheng introduced to the general manager of Zhong Yi Accounting Firm Chen Shaomin about the College, and discussed with Chen whether excellent level 5 students of the College can come to the Firm to do summer internship. Professor Liao hoped that students can do work which was closely related to what they had learned in school, and experienced employees in the Firm can make individual directions for each student to do some practical work, such as audit, asset assessment, etc., to get students to be familiar with accounting procedure. General manager Chen welcomed students of the College to join in Zhong Yi, and they would try their best to make students to learn academic skills, improve practical skills and get working experience.



Both of the two sides also explored details of how to co-operate practical education base, and make communication on how to send more talents to the firm, and provide students with more opportunities of internship and employment with the help of school and firm.

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