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On September 10th, work of receiving new students of the College started in an orderly manner, all work was done placidly and efficiently.There had been 78 students completing registration by six p.m., and rate of registering was 79.59%.









Deans of the College paid high attention to the work of receiving new students. They went to the site, tracked every progress, and saw what can be done for the students and their parents. They required that all staffs should do the job more carefully and practically to let students and their parents feel warm.



In combination to the academic characteristics, the College enriched its styles of receiving service, such as arranging voluntary service, making student counselor have communication with the new students, and inviting foreign teachers to answer academic problems for the students and their parents. All these not only closed relationship between the College and new students and their parents, but also showed the College a very good image.



At six p.m., accompanied by student counselor Fang Jiaojiao and principals of Youth League & Students’ Union, the Executive Dean of the College Liao Dongsheng, the Associate Dean Yulin and Liu Zhixiong respectively went to the dormitories to see the new students.

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