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On June 14th, workshops of “To follow the principals and to be self-disciplined”of the CPC branch of the College was held in Room 411 in International Education Complex Building, the Executive Dean Liao Dongsheng presided over the workshop and all teacher and student CPC members attended the workshop.



In combination with the practical work of the College, Executive Dean Liao Dongsheng took a lot of examples to interpret the meaning of “principals and disciplines” from theoretical and practical, historical and realistic perspectives, pointing out that all teacher CPC members should comprehend the real meaning and significance of “To follow the principals and to be self-disciplined”,strictly observe, internalize and externalize the disciplines.



Executive Dean Liao leaded all attendees to study Regulations of Disciplinary Punishment for Party Members, Regulations of Guarantee of CPC Members’ Rights, Extracts of General Secretary Xi Jinping’s Discussion on Construction of Honest Administration and Anti-corruption, Extracts of General Secretary Xi Jinping’s Discussion on Strict Application of CPC Disciplines and Regulations.

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