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On September 15th, communication meeting with students of Grade 2016 was held in Room 119 in College of Business. The Associated Dean of the College Yulin and student counselor Fang Jiaojiao bought fruits and cakes to spend Mid-Autumn Day with the new students and talked about how they felt when first entering the University and what their plans in the next four year study were.There were more than 20 students attending the meeting.





On behalf of the College, Yu conveyed best wishes to the students on the happy day. She said that she could understand students’ homesickness, but according to the University, it was the time when students should take orientation education from September 11th to September 30th, and students should take this opportunity to get familiar with the University and the College, to be acquainted with requirements in Students Handbook, to change roles of high school students to that of university students, and to quickly get with university study and life. Yu expressed her concern on whether students were used to the local food and weather, she reminded students to take care of themselves, be care of property, attention to the weather changes, take exercises and study well.



Students felt relaxed in the meeting. They talked what they wanted to talk, they communicated with each other how they felt, and shared their study plans in the next four years.



After the meeting, on behalf of the College, student counselor Fang Jiaojiao went to the dormitories to see other students.

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