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On September 18th, military training of students of Grade 2016 of the College began after the Military Mobilization meeting of the University was held. There were totally 78 students participating in the training, and together with students of College of Ethnology and Sociology and School of Education Science, they were classified into Second Platoon, Company Three.









According to the program, the military training lasted thirteen days which covering items as remaining upright, salute, straddling and standing at attention, keeping down and standing up, dismissing and assembling, queue action during stop,start step and halt, run step and halt, parade step and halt etc. Though it was very hot, all the students worked very hard. In the march-past performance which was held on September 28th, their standard movement, orderly queue, forceful step, high morale and valiant figure won much applause. Besides the training items mentioned above, the students also had fire safety study and drilling and education for national defense, school management and psychological health. They did a very good job and made very excellent performance in the training.



Deans of the College paid very high attention to students’ military training, they came to the training ground to see the trainees, encouraging them to overcome difficulties and discipline their will, improving and transcending themselves, learning fine traditions and work styles from the training instructors and put these good things into their study and life. Student counselor also came to the training ground to see the students every day, assisting the instructor with ideological education and group activities.



With the concern of the Deans of the College, students of Grade 2016 worked hard and successfully completed the training task. In the military training performance and summary commendation convention, fourteen students represented by HuangTianyang were cited as “Advanced Individual”, and three dormitories were named “OutstandingDormitory”.

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