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Recently,the Executive Dean of the College Liao Dongsheng, the Associate Dean Yu Lin came to the training site to visit students who took part in the MilitaryTraining, encouraging them to chasten their volition, develop habits of hard working, motivate confidence and courage of overcoming difficulties, and strive to become constructor and successor of socialist cause,and also stressed the importance of the security during the training.






During the training, all students strictly observed the discipline and training instructors’ management. Leading by the training instructors, students took training of remaining upright, salute, straddling and standing at attention, keeping down and standing up, dismissing and assembling, queue action during stop, start step and halt, run step and halt, parade step and halt etc.



Besides,students also took an active part in the evening singing, worked hard to practice chorus and made good preparation for the Competition of Commemorating the 90th Anniversary of the Party Founding and the 80th Anniversary of Victory of the Red Army's Long March,and got second price, ranking the third place.



The military training would end on July 24th, and there would be training performance, achievement summary and commendation for the advanced group and individuals.

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