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On July 2nd, the Second Conference of Youth League Committee Members and Student Representatives of the College was held in Room 401 in International Education Complex Building. The Associate Dean Yu Lin presided over the conference. Secretary of Youth League Committee of the University Chen Jiuhan, the Executive Dean of the College Liao Dongsheng, and teacher Wang Yiwei, student counselor Sun Yucui, Fang Jiaojiao and student representatives attended the conference.






Secretary of Youth League Committee Chen Jiuhan made a speech for the conference. He congratulated the successful open of the conference on behalf of the Youth League Committee of the University, saying that under the leadership of CPC committee of the College and the guidance of the Youth League Committee of the University, Youth League and Students’ Union of the College united wisdom and forces of all theYouth League members, worked for the College, enhanced construction of the League, and made great contribution for the development of the College and the University. This year was the year when the first graduates of the College who would graduate, and also the year when the National 13th Five Year Plan began,he hoped that all students, especially student cadres, should adhere to the political principle of the country, develop their own internal capacity, and make creation in work; they should stick to correct political stand, reinforce self-construction, improve their quality, innovate the mechanism of work and ensure to obtain actual effect.



The conference deliberated and passed the work report of the first Youth League Committee and Student Union of the College and voted the second Youth League Committee and Student Union.



The Executive Dean of the College Liao Dongsheng and the Associate Dean Yu Lin raised hope for the new committee members. Liao hoped that the new members can have sense of service, be willing to make contribution, and through “StudyConstitution and Rules of the Party, and to Be A Qualified Party Member” learn more and improve quality of service, and also can be able to handle well relationship between work and study. Yu hoped that the new members can be modest and prudent, cautious and conscientious, and contributed to the development of the College.



Leaders of the College also made reply to proposal of the conference.

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