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On May 30th, Deputy Secretary of school CPC party Ning Yao came to the College to survey employment of graduates in 2016, chief of Recruitment and Employment Department Cai Qiming, the Executive Dean of the College Liao Dongsheng, the Associate Dean Yu Lin, teachers and students attended the survey meeting.






The Associate Dean Yu Lin made a report of employment of graduates of the College.She said that leaders of the College took the employment work seriously,founding Leading Group to co-ordinate the deployment of the employment work,making instruction and offering support for each graduate when they finding jobs, and communicating with each graduate to know about whether they had got a job, what kinds of jobs they wanted to do, and what kinds of difficulties they had when finding jobs, etc. She also stated that there were some difficulties in doing work of employment of graduates because there were two different educational systems of the programme which more or less affect graduates finding jobs, and the College would take two steps to improve the current situation,first was to make teachers to devote greater efforts to tutor students in their study, or encourage top students to help students who were not good at study to make students be successful in school. Second was to communicate more with the employers to decrease their worries about graduates could not taking work because of late graduation time.



The Executive Dean Liao Dongsheng made completion on the work of the employment of graduates of the College. He said that the biggest difficulty the College met was that it was hard to coordinate English lesson time which made it hard to follow arrangement of the employment of the university.



Students also reflected that they did not have enough time to find jobs, to be probation or to take pre-employment training due to the intensive classes during the last period of senior year which made them miss many valued opportunities of employment.



Deputy Secretary of school CPC party Ning Yao listened carefully to the report. He said yes to what the College had done in the administration of the programme and made some advice for the work of employment. First, all faculties, from administrative staffs to course teachers, had to make every effort to help students to be successful in school. Second, the College can offer an official letter to the employers to explain the specialty of the programme, stressing the advantages of graduates of the programme who received high standard and high quality British higher education which followed very strict requirements of QAA.Third, the College should enhance communication with Staffordshire University to discuss the feasibility and practicality of students’ studying specialty courses in second semester or even first semester of the first year which would provide time conditions for graduates’ full employment.

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