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On May 27th, the Associate Dean and PhD supervisor of School of Economics of Nankai University Zhou Yunbo made a lecture of Economics and Thinking Pattern of Economics in Room 420 in International Education Complex Building. The Executive Dean of the College Liao Dongsheng presided over the lecture. Students of the College and all postgraduates of College of Business attended the lecture.







Professor Zhou Yunbo interpreted what economic was, why there was economics, the characteristics of economic thinking pattern, the object of study economics, the perspective and stance of economics, framework of reference of economics, and approaches of study economics, etc. and drew the conclusions that “People are self-interested”,“There's no such thing as a free lunch”, “Rational men think at margin”, “Individual is the main body of decision-making”, “Any free deal is mutually beneficial for each other”, “Outcome is more important than motivation”, “People are responsive to encouragement” and “Any conclusion is established on presupposition”,etc.



In combination with his own experience, Professor Zhou shared how to make a theme for the essay, he encouraged students to focus on a topic and dig into it. Professor Zhou was good at interpreting economic theory and phenomenon through daily examples which made the abstract theory be easily understood, he also enjoyed discussing with students on some controversial opinions. Attendees said that Professor Zhou’s lecture was profound while easy to understand, they all enjoyed the discussion of some topics which stimulated their thinking.

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