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In the evening of May 24th, Campus Top Ten Singers Competition was held in Dengguang Stadium of the University . A band named “Story” which was grouped by Yang Jiangming, student of Grade 2012 of the College and Huang Shengxiang, student of Grade 2013 of College of Business got fourth place in the competition.




The competitors sang three songs, one was Me, the other was Fool Journey, and another was Summer Time, Fool Journey and Summer Time was original songs. Fool Journey told about a person who was misunderstood and had vagabondage indifferent places, Summer Time described beautiful time in summer with poetic language. The two original songs were very fascinating.



“We want to tell story about us with music”, this was the reason why they made up the band and why they took part in the competition. It was said that Band Story had got places in different kinds of song competitions, such as University Student Original Songs Competition, 2013 University Student Music Festival, 2014 Sing My Song Nanning Division, and they got opportunity to sing in Guangxi Original Song Spring Festival Gala.

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