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On April 26th, conference of Getting Ready for the UndergraduateTeaching Evaluation of the College was held in the Lecture Hall of Scientific Technology Building which was presided over by the Associate Dean of the College and all teachers and students attended the conference.




The Executive Dean of the College Liao Dongsheng introduced the background, the aim, the meaning and the importance of the evaluation, and told about guiding ideas for education of the University, its history, motto, advantage and characteristics and the College’s subject construction, teaching characteristics and teaching quality assurance. Professor Liao required that all students should take the evaluation very important, they should work with the University and the College to get ready for the evaluation and strengthen self-cultivation to improve quality.



The Associate Dean Yu Lin suggested students not to indulge in online games, and encouraged them to go out of dormitory and go into library. She hoped that students can be in good manners.  

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